Preparing to study

You’ve received an offer, what next?

Applying and receiving an offer is the start of your journey to study with us, there are a few more steps you need to take before we see you on campus.

Important things to do before you arrive

Important things to do before you arrive

Pay your confirmation fee and return your signed acceptance form to confirm your offer.

Once you have confirmed, you will have access to our Welcome Hub with lots of useful information about preparing to study.

You can apply for your CAS up to six months before your course start date (three months if you are in the UK)

a. Book and take your Pre-CAS interview (if required)  

b. Pay any fees due - check the information in your payment plan in your offer letter  

c. Provide any outstanding documents - your insurance information, emergency contact details, any study gap information (if applicable), living arrangement confirmation form and previous UK Visa history (if applicable) 

d. Receive your CAS preview. Sign and return it  

e. Submit your financial or bank documents - you must have this money for at least 28 consecutive days. The end date of the 28-day period must be within 31 days of the date you apply for your visa.

Once you have received your CAS you can apply for your visa and take your UKVI interview.

If you have requested accommodation on your application form, our Central Student Services Team will contact you directly regarding the options available. 

Should you choose to book your own accommodation, we suggest you live close to the College so you can make the most of your student experience, but your accommodation should be no more than one hour travel time from the College.

Receive your visa and book your travel. When booking your travel, make sure you arrive before your first day of semester, so you don’t miss our valuable induction programme. Accommodation with the International College is usually available two days before the start of semester.

It is essential all international students have the protection of personal insurance while studying in the UK. You can take out our StudyCare Insurance Plus cover or arrange your own.

In your first week, you will take part in orientation activities and get to know the people and places around you. These normally include tours, information talks, and team games. You will receive further information when your place at the International College is confirmed.

Important dates

Programme start date: 26th September

You must request your CAS by the published deadlines, at the latest. Please note that these CAS request deadlines are based on standard visa processing times, and are set in conjunction with the University.

CAS deadlines

12th August 202219th August 202226th August 20222nd September 2022
BrazilKuwaitLebanonHong Kong
ColombiaOmanMyanmar (Burma)Italy
IranUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesMacau


New Zealand



Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka
South Africa





Information for our current students

Information for current students whose pathway programme finishes before June 30th 2022*

If you wish to complete your studies online, you must inform a student support team member (who will be in contact with you directly)  of your intention to complete your programme online, otherwise you will be expected to arrive in the UK by 10 June 2022 to continue your programme.

Information for current students whose pathway programme finishes after June 30th 2022*

Students whose pathway programme finishes after 30th June 2022, must still apply to study online all year. If they do not apply, or do apply and are unsuccessful, they must arrive in the UK by 10 June 2022.

Details of this process and guidance can be found here.

Flexible study options for June 2022 (1 term only)

English language preparation programmes

If you need additional English language support before starting your pathway programme with us, you can take our English Language Preparation programme. Starting in June, we have flexible study options to suit you.

  • Start and finish your programme on campus.
  • Complete the whole programme online.

Studying online, you can expect:

  • Live online lessons in small groups with experienced teachers  
  • A personal tutor  
  • Technical support
  • Wider range of English language tests accepted^

You must complete the pre-registration form by 9th May 2022 to inform the International College regarding your preferred study method so you receive the support you need to succeed. Please also note that you must be on-campus for the start of your academic programme (International Foundation Year/Pre-Masters programme) in September 2022.

*Important condition of eligibility for completing studies online:
Where we are offering the opportunity to existing students to complete their studies online, to be eligible to apply, students must have undertaken a minimum of two weeks’ study on their Study Group course (whether on-campus or online) and be deemed to be engaging in their studies at an acceptable level. 
^Please note that students applying for an International Foundation Year using an alternative test to start their English Language Preparation course online will need to take a UKVI SELT during the course and achieve a minimum of 4.5 in all skills. Pre-Masters programme applicants can use the scores from their English for Pre-Masters course. 

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A huge thing I think international people get from the College is our main group of friends. We have the same classes, we are all in a new country with a new language and new people. We have that bonding. Then that just continues on in life after university.


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