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Have you got questions about studying at the University of Sheffield International College? Here are some common questions to help you.


The University of Sheffield International College offers a choice of university preparation courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These programmes are designed in collaboration with the University of Sheffield and are delivered by Study Group.

International Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year prepares you for a wide range of undergraduate degrees. This programme teaches you the academic, English and study skills needed for university.

After completing the International Foundation Year and achieving the required grades, you will progress to the first year of your chosen degree. You can choose from two subject routes:

  • Business, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Science and Engineering


The Pre-Masters programme will prepare you for a postgraduate degree at the University of Sheffield. You can choose from two subject routes:

  • Business, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Science and Engineering

English Language Preparation

You can improve your English language level before you start the International Foundation Year or Pre-Masters programme with an English language preparation course.

To study at University of Sheffield International College, you will need to meet our English language and academic entry requirements.

You can join an English language preparation course first if you need to improve your language skills before starting your pathway programme.

Our expert teachers will deliver face-to-face teaching, supported by an online hub and other online resources. At the International College, you can expect classes of no more than 25 students. You will be assigned a Personal Tutor who is there to support you every step of the way to help you to stay on track to progress to the University.

For September students, we offer a free online preparation course, Prepare for Success, to help you gain a head-start before you start your academic programme. If you are starting in January, you can benefit from an Enhanced Induction programme where you join the College in November in order to settle into your new home in the UK before commencing your main pathway programme.


Most students choose to live at St Vincent’s Place, a new development managed by the University. All students under 18 are guaranteed a place in student accommodation.

St Vincent’s Place is located in the heart of Sheffield, near the main University campus and next to the International College.

Alternatively, if you are over 18, you are able to arrange private accommodation off campus.

For the best possible student experience and to focus on your studies, we recommend you live close to the College, but you must live at least within a 60 minute commute of the College.

Check accommodation options and fees.

You will have the chance to book your accommodation after you have confirmed your place at the International College and paid the confirmation payment. You must organise your accommodation before you arrive in the UK for study.

Central Student Services will contact you with the next steps.

Enhanced Induction

The 3-week Enhanced Induction programme is designed to help you settle into your new home in the UK before commencing your main pathway programme in January. The Enhanced Induction focuses on three key areas that will help you succeed on your academic programme: language, life and learning skills.

Find out more about what to expect here.

There are no additional tuition fees to pay. However, there will be additional costs to consider, as expected with being in the UK for a longer period including living costs and accommodation. You can request accommodation on your application form, our Central Student Support Team will contact you directly about the options available.

No, this will be available face-to-face only. You must be in the UK ready to start the Enhanced Induction on the first day of the semester.


When thinking about studying in the UK, it’s important to consider the tuition fees and accommodation costs, as well as your living costs. You can also explore the scholarship options available.

Accommodation fees will vary depending on the length of your stay.


You will need a Student visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 visa) to study in the UK. More information is available on our visa process page.

If needed, you can apply for a UK Student visa online via the UK government website.

You can now receive your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) up to 6 months before your course start date (3 months if you are already in the UK). You can then start the process of applying for your visa.

Please ensure you meet relevant deadlines so that there is enough time for your application to be processed.

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