The benefits of studying a pre-masters course in the UK

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Get ready for your UK masters with a preparation course designed to help you succeed

What is a pre-masters course?

A pre-master's course is a course designed to prepare students for a masters degree in the UK. These courses are structured to provide excellent preparation for postgraduate study, focusing on areas that include:

  • English language skills
  • Advanced research skills
  • Group work
  • Time management

At the University of Sheffield International College the pre-masters course is an intensive two or three-term programme. Course length varies depending on the English language IELTS score of candidates. The course is designed so that students can progress seamlessly onto the full masters degree programme at the University.

Whether students are looking to enhance their careers, broaden their range of experience at a UK university, or want to research a specific area in more depth, there are many benefits of studying a pre-masters course in the UK.

Makes a masters qualification possible for all

If you do not meet the requirements for direct entry to a masters degree, taking a pre-masters course ensures that you pick up the skills you need.  Once you complete the programme and achieve the required grades, you can enter your chosen postgraduate degree at the University.

A confidence boost

If you’ve been out of the academic world for a while, it’s understandable that you might want to refresh your language skills and knowledge before committing to a full-time postgraduate degree programme. One of the benefits of studying pre-masters courses is that they allow you to do just that. You’ll build your skill, knowledge and academic confidence to a level where you feel assured of your own abilities on entering your masters degree programme, ensuring that you’re truly ready for the demands of postgraduate study success.

Enjoy tailored courses

You’ll find a range of pre-masters courses to choose from in the UK, so you can prepare properly for the masters degree you want to progress to. At the University of Sheffield International College you can choose one of two pre-masters routes:

  • Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Science and Engineering

You will study core modules common to each route, as well as subject-specific modules. This allows you to focus on the academic areas most useful to your chosen degree.

A great introduction to life in the UK

A major benefit of studying a pre-masters course is that it allows you valuable time to get used to the way of life in the UK and the academic system. By taking this preparation course in the UK you’ll have the opportunity to develop your language skills, fast. You’ll also get to immerse yourself in the culture of the UK, ensuring that you’re fully comfortable in your new place of study before you undertake your masters degree. This helps to take some of the stress out of postgraduate study, so when the time comes you’ll be free to focus fully on your degree work.

Be included in university life from day one

Studying a pre-masters course where you plan to do your masters will help you acclimatise to university life before your degree starts. The University of Sheffield International College introduces you to the style of teaching that you will experience on your degree. You’ll study on campus, have access to many of the same facilities as students at the University, and take part in tutorials, seminar-style classes and larger group lectures that will prepare you for your masters at the University itself. It all helps to make the transition into postgraduate study that much easier.