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Student living costs

Sheffield is ‭the fourth largest city in the UK but still enjoys comparatively affordable living costs compared to other student cities.

Cost of living in Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the UK’s top ten most affordable student cities, according to The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Student Living Index 2019.

Accommodation, travel, food and entertainment are affordable in Sheffield. And it’s easy to get around the city on foot. You can also save with student tickets on the trams and buses.

Most places offer student discounts, so make sure you keep your student ID with you to save money on food, entertainment and shopping.

Common expenses

  • Regular cappuccino: £2.62
  • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: £11
  • Tram day ticket: £3.80
  • Cinema ticket: £8.40 - £11.30 (including student discount)

Prices are intended as a guide only, Numbeo 2019.

Student costs

  • Accommodation: St Vincent’s Place costs £152.78 to £184.52 per week (including bills)
  • Gym membership at Sport Sheffield: £220 - £290 (annual membership)
  • Campus food and drink: Use your GeniUS loyalty rewards card at any on-campus café, bar, pub and shop

Top tips for saving money

  • Sort out your budget – know your essential outgoings per month so you can work out what’s left to spend
  • Go to student events for cheaper prices
  • Ask shops, restaurants, hairdressers about student discounts
  • Use your UCard (University identification card) to access more discounts
  • Search online for restaurant and cinema vouchers and discounts

UCAS has some useful tips on how to manage money with their budgeting tips

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