English course abroad: why study English in the UK?

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It makes sense that if you want to learn a language the best place to do so is in a country where it is spoken. There are so many benefits to taking intensive English courses while you study abroad.

We’re going to introduce you to some of the major advantages of studying English in the UK, and help you get a feel for what it’s really like to take an English course while you’re studying overseas.

Why study English in the UK?

Courses for everyone

Whatever your age or level of English there are courses here to suit you. From short-courses for absolute beginners to full-time intensive English courses. It’s believed that the UK is home to more English language courses than any other country.

Specialist courses

Study English in the UK and you can choose from a wide range of courses that focus on specific areas of English language learning. You can choose to learn for fun, for your career, or purely for educational purposes. Business English, scientific English – whatever area of study you want to progress with you will be able to focus on the English you need to see you through your degree programme.

Integrated courses

In the UK you can choose to study English on its own or with other subjects at the same time. At many universities, English language learning forms part of the programme for international students. For example, English language teaching is part of all of the courses offered by the University of Sheffield International College. Designed to prepare international students for degree study in the UK, these courses are guaranteed to build your English skills up to the level you need to succeed in UK higher education.

Teaching quality

In the UK international students can rest assured that the English language training they undertake is of the highest standard. Accredited UK English language centres, universities and colleges are inspected regularly to ensure superior standards of teaching, accommodation, facilities and welfare support.

Study in the home of the English language

Wherever and however you choose to study in the UK you’ll be surrounded by native speakers. There is simply no better way to improve your language skills than to be forced to use the language every day and to have this level of exposure to the fascinating varieties of English that you’ll hear around you. Different accents, slang, formal English – you’ll hear it all and be able to practise using the language in real-life situations every day of your studies. As a result you’ll find that your skills develop incredibly quickly. By simply being in the UK you’ll feel as if you’re benefiting from intensive English courses.

Valued by employers

When your studies are over you’ll find that having acquired an excellent level of English will make you a more attractive candidate to employers all over the world. In the increasingly multinational workplace, employers value those with excellent English language skills, as English continues to be adopted as the language of business and learning around the world. From continuing your studies in the UK or opportunities in other countries, to widening the global scope of your career, English is a powerful tool for your future.

What is it like to study English language abroad for international students?

Learning is fun

The focus of English language learning in the UK is not simply on textbooks and grammar. Here English language learning is about having fun and taking part. You’ll be involved in all kinds of discussions, problem-solving exercises and varied learning experiences besides that of simple comprehension and written work. Songs, TV, movies and magazines are all put to great use in ensuring that your learning is not only relevant and accurate it’s also as engaging as possible.

A unique cultural experience

Learning English in the UK also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. You’ll explore the UK’s diverse culture, home to every nationality you can think of, as well as its rich history, beautiful countryside and exciting cities. Nothing brings the language to life better than being here and experiencing life in English first hand.


Who should study English abroad?

If you are an international student who wants to improve their English skills, studying an English course abroad is a great way to do so. The University of Sheffield International College is great place for anyone to begin their English studies. 

Why study English abroad?

Studying English abroad is the quickest and most natural way of learning the language. You will be deeply immersed in English culture and will be provided with many opportunities to use the language in everyday situations. 

Where is the best place to take an English language course?

The University of Sheffield International College is an excellent place to study English language abroad for international students. By choosing to study English in the UK, you will open yourself up to immersive learning. 

The International College provides international students with the expert guidance and support needed when developing new language skills. With two specifically designed English language courses you are sure to find yourself fluent in English in no time.