Why should you study law in the UK?

Two international students in the library

A quarter of all international students in the UK in 2013-14 chose to study law. It’s the third most popular subject area for students from overseas. So just what is it that draws so many students to law courses here in Britain every year?

Why study law in the UK? 

Internationally recognised qualifications – choosing to study law in the UK means you’ll gain qualifications that are recognised by law firms and law schools around the world.

The UK law system is special – the British common law system was developed more than 900 years ago. Now one third of the world's population live in common law jurisdictions or in systems mixed with civil law. For those with an interest in international law, English commercial law is often the governing law in international contracts.

Internationally applicable knowledge – as a member of the European Union, the UK operates a consolidation of UK and EU law. As a result, UK universities like the University of Sheffield are able to offer outstanding courses in European law – one of the many reasons international students choose to study European Law here in the UK.

Future prospects – London is home to more commercial and international arbitrations than any other city in the world. For this reason, hundreds of international law firms have offices in the UK, making it an ideal place to start a successful legal career.

How to study law in the UK?

Wherever you want to take your career in law, in the UK you need to start with an undergraduate law degree. From here you have clear postgraduate options available:

  • LLM – you might want to develop your learning with a Master of Laws degree
  • LPC – to become a solicitor you can go onto a Legal Practice Course
  • BPTC – a Bar Professional Training Course is another option for barristers

A helping hand

As an international student, gaining entry to a British undergraduate law programme can be tough. Competition is high, standards are strict, and UK universities require a high standard of specific academic achievement, as well as English language skills.

This is why The University of Sheffield International College offers its Business, Law and Social Sciences Foundation course. It’s specifically designed to prepare international students hoping to study on an undergraduate law programme in the UK. It combines academic teaching, UK university study skills and intensive English language training.

Once they’ve successfully completed the two- or three-term course, graduates are guaranteed a place in the first year of a law degree programme at the University of Sheffield.

Why law at The University of Sheffield?

Joint tenth for research – the 2014 Research Excellence Framework rates the University’s School of Law as joint tenth for research with the universities of Oxford and Warwick.

Sheffield’s law students love it – according to the latest National Student Survey (NSS), the University’s School of Law achieved an outstanding 89% student satisfaction rating, placing it in the top 10 Russell Group Law Schools in England.

  • 93% of students think staff are good at explaining things
  • 92% of students feel that the course is intellectually stimulating
  • 90% of students believe the course is well organised and running smoothly

Law students also gave the University’s Student Union a magnificent 98% satisfaction rating, after it was voted the best Students’ Union in the UK for the fourth year running again this year.


Is studying law in the UK good?

The UK is known for its high standard education system and therefore UK law students are always in demand by employers worldwide. Obtaining your law degree in the UK ensures you will be getting an education of the highest standard with a large number of job opportunities. 

Which university is the best for law in the UK?

At The University of Sheffield International College, you can study an International Foundation Year in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities which will prepare you for an undergraduate degree in law. 

With an expert support system and pathway programmes designed to prepare international students for undergraduate degrees, The University of Sheffield International College is an excellent place to start studying for a law degree.

What can you do with a UK law degree?

A degree in law will create many job opportunities for you once you graduate. By studying a law degree you will gain a desirable and versatile skillset that makes you highly employable.  The degree is a gateway to a career in many sectors including but not limited to: 

  • Arbitrator
  • Barrister
  • Chartered legal executive 
  • Costs lawyer
  • Licensed conveyancer
  • Paralegal
  • Solicitor

Not every law graduate will end up in a high ranking role such as a barrister straight after the graduate, but a small percentage will. The competitiveness of working in the law sector can be exhilarating and working your way up through the ranks should be a welcome challenge for anyone who has undertaken such a prestigious degree.