Tiba from Iraq: My International College experience

Student ambassador, Tiba, in her hometown in Iraq

Tiba, our student ambassador, shares what it has been like to study at the International College throughout a global pandemic, and offers her advice to new students on how to make the most of your experience studying with us.

Joining The University of Sheffield International College (USIC) has been nothing but an incredible and unique experience - not only has it introduced me to new disciplines and the beauty that lies within each, but has also encouraged me to challenge myself both academically and personally. My journey as an international student at USIC has allowed me to better acknowledge my capabilities and put them into practice in a variety of opportunities offered consistently by the College, including the role of becoming a Student Ambassador that I was introduced to by the wonderful staff members at USIC. Regardless of the challenging circumstances caused by the pandemic and the possible difficulties that may be associated with online learning, teachers, the Student Support Team and academic advisors, to name a few, have made the online environment easy to access and navigate through as well as they have provided a very welcoming environment for me and, I am certain, for all fellow students.

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise prospective students who are about to commence their academic journeys and those who are about to start their Foundation Year programmes to attempt various methods of study planning and time management until you find what works most effectively for you, as every student is unique. It might take you a while to find the academic routine that is the best fit for you as a student, but you are most definitely going to find it. Finally, I would like to encourage you to remain passionate about your studies and everything you do as it is then, that you can watch your dreams shine as brightest as ever.

As I approach the end of my International Foundation Year programme, I am looking forward to commencing my progression degree and making the most of my experience as an international student. I look forward to learning with ambition and challenging myself to grow as a student and individual. With the generous support offered by the University of Sheffield, everything is possible!