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Computing systems are used to help solve problems faced in our daily lives. As a computer scientist, you can make a real difference and work in one of the most exciting and fast-moving industries in the world.

Computer science at the University of Sheffield

In the University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science, world-class researchers develop technology that protects and enhances people’s lives. Students have access to new hardware, software and operating systems in the Diamond’s state-of-the-art computer labs.

Computer science degree options at the University of Sheffield

Postgraduate degrees

Pre-Masters students can progress to degrees including: 

  • MSc Advanced Computer Science
  • MSc Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing
  • MSc Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc Data Analytics

Degree preparation at the International College

The University of Sheffield International College offers specialist university preparation for international students. On our pathway programmes, you will study key subject modules to prepare you for your degree, while also building confidence in your English language and study skills.

Why study computer science?

In the digital age, technology reaches into every business and aspect of life. As a result, computer scientists are highly in demand and some of the highest paid graduates. Recent graduates from the University of Sheffield have gone on to work for companies such as Google, Logica, IBM, Hewlett Packard, PWC, and HSBC.

Computer science is a broad field that will help you develop a range of transferrable skills for your career. Some of the benefits include:

Communication skills

In computer science, you will collaborate on projects with your course mates. You will learn to work as part of a team, develop your leadership skills and build confidence in presenting ideas.

Problem solving

Computer scientists are able to solve complex problems in simple and logical ways. You will learn to identify problems and set out the steps you will need to take to fix them.


Computer scientists learn to be patient and not expect to succeed first time. Programming often contains trial and error and you will have to learn to accept failure as part of the process, and stay positive.

What can I do with a computer science degree?

When you graduate from the University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science, you’ll have an exciting choice of career or further study options. Sheffield is in the top 15 of universities targeted by top employers (High Fliers Graduate Market Research 2018).

Computer science careers include:

  • applications designer
  • CAD technician
  • games designer
  • software engineer
  • UX designer.

Related careers include:

  • IT trainer
  • network engineer
  • web content manager.

Computer science FAQs

What is the study of computer science?

Computer science is the study of computing and information. Computing has a human goal at its centre – improving lives through making processes easier. Computer scientists write software, develop games and help keep people’s personal data secure.

How can I study computer science?

To study a postgraduate degree in computer science you will need to meet certain university entry requirements. Alternatively, if you are an international student looking to study computer science masters in the UK, you could study the Pre-Masters in Science and Engineering which will prepare you for a computer science postgraduate degree at the University of Sheffield.

How much money can you make in computer science?

Graduating with a computer science degree will present you with a range of career opportunities all with varying salaries. As a web designer, you could expect a starting salary of up to £24,000, and progressing to a senior role could see that rise upwards of £40,000. As a games developer, you can expect similar starting salaries but could be looking to earn anything from £55,000 to in excess of £75,000 once you move into senior roles.

What subjects do I need to study computer science?

The subjects you will typically need to study computer science at university include Computer Science and Maths. Other subjects that can be beneficial to students applying to study computer science include Further Maths, Physics and English Language.

Do you need maths for computer science?

You will need a maths qualification to study a computer science degree. Mathematics is used throughout computer science, typically algebra and statistics.

What skills are needed for computer science?

The key skills you will need for computer science include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Organisation
  • Numeracy
  • Attention to detail
Giulio from Indonesia

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I think the most valuable lesson that I learned in the College was not to run away from your problems; it’s actually just to adapt and deal with it and learn from your mistakes. The College is a really nice way for international students to adapt to the UK and start studying here.

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