International College

Welcome to the new home for the University of Sheffield International College

Posted 04 March 2015
The new University of Sheffield International College building

From September 2015, we’ll offer some of the best learning facilities available anywhere. We are delighted to announce the new location you’ll be enjoying at the University of Sheffield International College.

Based within walking distance to other University buildings and accommodation, you will be able to travel to and from the College safely, easily and quickly. You will also be able to enjoy the stunning views across the city whilst relaxing between classes.

The International College will provide a safe and friendly atmosphere designed for learning. A welcoming reception area leads to a bespoke learning environment where you will undertake the majority of your College programme.

What to expect at the University of Sheffield International College

A dedicated and friendly setting

2,400 square metres of teaching and administration space offering room to think.

A supportive place to prepare for university-style learning

Two large lecture theatres where you can learn how to study at university, giving you an advantage when you progress to your degree course.

The latest technology to make your life easier

Including lecture capture facilities so classes with our expert academics can be easily recorded and reviewed.

Flexible and custom-made learning environments

25 classrooms of varying size and layouts to provide suitable settings for different classroom activities and lectures. These classes have been designed to develop your potential, whether you’re a future business leader, lawyer or finance expert.

A space for emerging inventors

Physics and engineering laboratory – if you’re interested in sciences, you’ll have a place where you can innovate and experiment.

Brand new equipment especially for you

Including Node chairs, which have been designed specifically for student needs and can be moved easily for group and individual work.

Space to focus on projects

Five student study zones for undertaking group work.

Flexible event area

Perfect for presentations, enrichment activities or social gatherings.

Social time

A café where you can meet with friends between classes and relax.

Devoted support

Meeting rooms and offices where you can speak with teachers and support staff.

Free Wi-Fi

Available throughout so you can keep up-to-date with the latest information.

Alexandra Christou, Academic Director for the International College is pleased about the new building:

 “The new College is an exciting development for students. We want to see them become independent learners, able to plan and manage their study, using the College and University facilities to best effect. Having such a well-resourced, modern College will undoubtedly contribute towards student success.”

Opening in September 2015, we’ll be marking the occasion with a series of activities celebrating our new home and extending a big Sheffield welcome to all of you.

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