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  • Our former International College student, Laura, on campus

    Laura from Taiwan: The support I received during my pathway programme

    Posted 08 September 2021

    Our former International College student, Laura from Taiwan, tells us about her experience of studying abroad in Sheffield. In this blog, she shares how her initial anxieties were eased by the help and support of staff at the College, and how the International Foundation Year helped her realise her academic dreams.


  • Fatima, an international student, sits in a leafy window.

    Reflecting on my year, by Fatima

    Posted 03 August 2021

    Originally from Mexico, Fatima has just finished studying the International Foundation Year in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities at The University of Sheffield International College. She reflects on the last academic year and what she has learned from being a student during the pandemic.


  • What's the difference between electrical and electronic engineering?

    Posted 07 May 2021

    Electrical or electronic engineering are two separate equally exciting subjects. Both lead to a wide range of career opportunities, as graduates are sought after around the world. In our blog, learn about the differences between electrical and electronic engineering, and why it's such a great field of study.


  • University of Sheffield students in a laboratory.

    Why study health and human sciences?

    Posted 14 April 2021

    There are plenty of reasons to study a degree in the area of health and human sciences. The industry is booming with many career opportunities in a variety of specialisms. Discover more reasons to study the subject here.


  • Students walking through the campus

    5 reasons why you should study for an English language course

    Posted 04 February 2021

    English Language Preparation Courses are a great way for international students to make sure they excel. It’s easy to take an optimistic view and assume that you’ll pick up the language skills you need as you study. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems, and the last thing any student on a competitive course wants to discover is that their language skills are letting them down.


  • Students at Sheffield in the Diamond building

    What is information management and should I study it at university?

    Posted 15 January 2021

    Thinking about studying information management at university? Discover more about information management including what you will study and why you should study it. You can also learn more about studying it in the UK.


  • A smiling student

    Blended learning whilst studying abroad

    Posted 13 November 2020

    Today we hear from Aubrey from Macao, who is studying our blended learning model at the International College. Blended learning allows students like Aubrey to combine online classes with face-to-face classes – keeping people safe whilst still getting an authentic International College experience. Find out about Aubrey’s experiences in her blog.


  • A student studying on a laptop in the kitchen

    Arriving at the International College

    Posted 04 August 2020

    Yaroslav from Russia blogs about his personal experiences arriving in Sheffield as an international student. From events at the International College to exploring the rest of the UK, discover how Yaroslav settled in to life in Sheffield.


  • Sheffield University Engineering Building Project Space

    Should I study engineering?

    Posted 25 October 2018

    There are more than a few reasons to study engineering, but is it the right path for you? You'll need to have the correct skills and personality traits to succeed as an engineer. Learn more about following an engineering pathway here.


  • Students and robots in the Engineering department

    Types of engineering degrees

    Posted 14 September 2018

    Explore the different types of engineering to help you decide which engineering degree would be best suited to your desired career path and goals. From mechanical engineering to computer engineering, explore the different disciplines here.


  • The University of Sheffield International College student Farah

    Why study biomedical science

    Posted 15 June 2018

    Biomedical science is at the heart of medical breakthroughs in healthcare. You could be researching treatments that impact public health around the world. Find out qualifications you need to be a biomedical scientist, career opportunities and salary information.


  • New students arriving at The University of Sheffield International College

    Do you need help to reach the IELTS score required for your pathway this September?

    Posted 01 April 2017

    Get started with one term of high-quality English language preparation.


  • Two international students in the library

    Why should you study law in the UK?

    Posted 06 January 2016

    Fantastic career prospects, outstanding teaching – it’s no wonder so many international students choose to study law in the UK each year. Find out more about courses at The University of Sheffield International College.


  • The University of Sheffield international students in the University library

    10 study tips for international students

    Posted 04 December 2015

    Asking questions, reading carefully, listening to the radio and making time to relax are just some of the top study tips that feature in our guide for international students.


  • Students walking through Sheffield

    A guide to choosing a college overseas for international students

    Posted 27 November 2015

    The UK is the most popular European destination for today’s international students. There are over 140 universities and higher education institutions here to choose from and Sheffield is widely ranked as one of the best for student satisfaction.


  • International Students talking on the stairs

    How to apply for a Pre-Masters course for international students

    Posted 20 November 2015

    Whether you want to apply online yourself or through an agent, it’s easy to apply for a Pre-Masters course at The University of Sheffield International College.


  • Students in the Information Commons on campus

    How to apply for International Foundation Year courses abroad

    Posted 13 November 2015

    Applying for an International Foundation Year course at The University of Sheffield International College is simple. Here we guide you through the easy and efficient process.


  • Students sat in Weston Park

    Choose the top international college in England

    Posted 27 October 2015

    Find out what the best international colleges in England have to offer and how to go about choosing the one that's right for you.


  • Students working together in class

    Why do so many international students choose to study business?

    Posted 01 October 2015

    Thousands of students from all over the world choose to study business in the UK every year. In fact, the majority of MBA students in England are international students. Why do they find the UK such an enticing prospect?


  • Students sat in Weston Park

    What do you gain from studying abroad?

    Posted 06 August 2015

    Studying abroad is growing in popularity among students. Is it simply a trend? Or does it really offer significant benefits over studying at home? To help you decide, we’ve identified 10 of the key benefits students get from studying abroad.


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