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How to apply for International Foundation Year courses abroad

Posted 13 November 2015
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At The University of Sheffield International College, we’ve made it simple to apply for our International Foundation Year courses. You can apply from anywhere in the world using our straightforward online application process, which we’ll guide you through here.

Firstly, choose your International Foundation Year course

Depending on the undergraduate degree subject you want to study at university, you can choose from two International Foundation Year pathways. Choose the one that is most relevant to your chosen degree subject:

  • Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Science and Engineering

Find out which university degree programmes you can progress to when you complete the Business, Law and Social Sciences course and the Science and Engineering course.

Find out your IELTS score

Depending on your English language skills, you can choose from two International Foundation Year options, lasting either two or three terms:

  • Two-term option – for those with an IELTS score of 6.0 or more
  • Three-term option – for those with IELTS score of 5.0 or more

If your IELTS score is less than 5.0, you may want to apply for one of our English language courses to prepare you for the International Foundation Year.

Choose a start date

We offer several start dates for our Foundation Year courses throughout the year. You can choose:

  • Three-term Foundation Year – starting in September
  • Three-term Foundation Year – starting in January
  • Two-term Foundation Year – starting in April

The majority of university degree courses begin in September, and our Foundation Year courses finish in April or June.

How to apply

With your specific course and course dates selected, you’re now ready to apply – and the process is simple:

  • Application form – The first step is to work your way through each of the sections of our application form online. You should also read through our terms and conditions page.
  • Required documents – Now it’s time to scan in all of the supporting documents we’ve requested. You can then upload them to the application form, save your form, and submit it to us online.
  • Wait for a decision – You’ll then receive an email from us letting you know whether or not your application has been successful, whether we require any further information, and what you can do next.
  • Get your visa – Once you’ve been offered a place, you can then apply to the UK government for a student visa so that you can legally stay in the UK while you study. Make sure to do this in plenty of time before the start of your course. You can find out more about visa requirements on the UK government website.

Need some help?

Don’t worry. If you have any questions at all about your course, our college, or the application process, we’re always here to help – just get in touch any time through our contact us page or enquiry form.

Want to use an agent?

Some international students prefer to apply to us via an agent in their own country. In this case, just get in touch with a trusted agent directly and they’ll give you an application form, guide you through the process, and submit your form and supporting documents to us.

Applying via an agent can be convenient, and it’s nice to have someone to guide you through the process in person. However, our online application form is very straightforward, so a growing number of students now prefer not to pay fees to an agent, and instead choose to apply online themselves.

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