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Zhiwei from China: How the Pre-Masters in Science and Engineering laid a solid foundation for postgraduate study

Posted 19 February 2021
Zhiwei, a progressed University of Sheffield International College student.

Continuing our series of blogs where we speak to recent Progression Scholarship winners, we chatted to Zhiwei from China. She studied the Pre-Masters in Science and Engineering at The University of Sheffield International College. Now, she is studying MSc Environmental and Energy Engineering at the University. Read about her experience at the College below.

How the College’s staff support international students

The teachers were very willing to discuss the topics of daily life and culture with us. Moreover, we had a one-on-one tutorial every other week. During this time, we could ask for help with anything from the teacher. The tutor always tried to reply to us immediately or they would email us later. I got great support on the programme.

The experience of studying at the College

The learning experience at the International College is really helpful, especially for people whose mother tongue is not English. The Pre-Masters programme laid a solid foundation for my postgraduate course.

For example, Literature Review is an indispensable module in the Pre-Masters programme. Through this module, I learned to write reports using academic English, which is a necessary skill for postgraduate students.

My Masters degree is very intensive, it can be difficult to catch up with the progress of the course while studying, writing and other learning skills at the same time. In the face of an experimental report, my classmates had to learn how to write a lab report, but I had already mastered this skill in the Pre-Masters programme. In short, taking the Pre-Masters is necessary for students with lower academic levels.

Why choose MSc Environmental and Energy Engineering at The University of Sheffield?

Because the environment is facing very serious problems and I am really worried about it. I hope I can learn useful professional knowledge and make some contribution to society. Even if I don’t make any achievements, I still hope that I can understand the environment’s real situation from a professional perspective.

Life in Sheffield

Most of the people here are very friendly. For me, it's just a change of environment. I like the rhythm of life here, which is really comfortable. I especially like to see people sitting outside drinking coffee and chatting in the sun.

Career aims

I'm eager to stay here and work. As I mentioned before, because I love the pace of life here. If possible, I still hope I can find a job related to my major.

A top piece of advice

Please study hard because the courses here are really helpful.

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