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University of Sheffield International College student wins prestigious award

Posted 22 October 2018
Students looking archaeological specimens

A University of Sheffield International College student that has progressed to the University and completed the first year of her undergraduate degree course has been given a prestigious award.

Erina Mameuda has become the latest recipient of the Ian Sanders Level 1 Prize in Classical Archaeology. The prize is awarded in memory of Ian Sanders, Lecturer in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, 1976-77. It is given annually to a student who has shown outstanding performance and enthusiasm in the subject of Classical or Mediterranean Archaeology. The prize is £60 in books.

When we spoke to Erina, she told us that she always loved archaeology. She applied to Sheffield because of its international reputation for the subject.

Erina arrived in the UK in April from Japan, to study the two-term International Foundation Year, preparing her to enter the University of Sheffield in September.

She told us about her transition, and how the International College helped her:

“I didn't go to international school, I just went to this local Japanese school, so I think going from a Japanese school to university in England is a big step. By going to International College here, it helped me develop and prepare for university. It's a completely different learning process.

“In Japan, it was really passive learning: he'll do the lecture, we just listen and we just memorise everything. But when I came here, we did discussions, presentations, and I had to learn the accent.

“I feel like if I didn't do this in the International College I would be overwhelmed at the University. So, it was nice that I was able to come here and prepare before going to University.”

Erina told us that winning the award meant a lot, because she studied hard and put a lot of effort into her studies: “It was lovely because it was like a proof that not only am I coping but I'm doing good. So my family was proud of me."

The prize was made even more special by Erina’s family history:

“My mum went to the University of Sheffield thirty years ago, so she learned Japanese. And she came to Japan and married my dad.”

Erina told us that another of her reasons for choosing the University of Sheffield was the welcome it extends to international students: “I didn't really have any experience abroad. So, that was the main push that I knew they were welcoming students from abroad. So, that was one of my main reasons too."

Erina’s story shows what can be achieved with a foundation built at the International College.

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