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Shan from China: How the International College helped me succeed at The University of Sheffield

Posted 18 February 2021
Shan, a progressed University of Sheffield International College student.

In the first of our blogs where we catch up with our recent Progression Scholarship winners, we spoke to Shan from China, who studied the Pre-Masters in Science and Engineering at The University of Sheffield International College. She successfully progressed to the University, and is now studying MSc Advanced Computer Science. Find out more about her International College experience below.

Reflections on my time at the International College

The College really helped me a lot with preparing for my degree. The Statistics module enhanced my statistical skills which are necessary for the Machine Learning module I’ve taken at the University. The Lab Skills and Literature Review modules helped me learn how to conduct research and write academic articles.

How the staff at the International College support students

The teachers and staff at the College are very helpful and friendly. The most impressive teacher is my MATLAB teacher, he was humorous and could usually make the lecture interesting and easy to understand. I remember that my team also had a lot of discussions with our Lab Skills teacher, she gave us so much useful advice which helped us gain a good grade. My Mathematics teacher gave clear explanations to my questions, and my Critical Thinking and Literature Review teachers prepared well for their lectures to provide us with a good experience. The staff in the reception also helped me with printing documents when the printer wasn't working so well.

Why study MSc Advanced Computer Science?

I decided to study MSc Advanced Computer Science because I like coding and using new technologies to develop things. I am also interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as machine learning and hope to learn it systematically.

My virtual study experience

To be honest, I did not like the online learning at first, because it made us sit in front of a computer for a long time every day and I had less opportunity to communicate with others face-to-face. However, when I was used to it, I found there were some upsides to online learning. For example, I could review the lecture recordings before a test which helped me more than the slides. Also I had no need to get up early and go to the College, instead I could spend more much time studying or relaxing.

Safety measures on campus

The safety measures are very simple and easy to follow:

  • Wearing masks all the time when going outside
  • Washing hands regularly, especially when coming back home from outside
  • Keep distance from others when walking outside together
  • Reducing unnecessary journeys

How to settle in the UK

At first, because of the different language or culture, it was sometimes hard to get used to life here in the UK. For me, the best way to get familiar with Sheffield was by attending University or local activities as much as I could. Fortunately, there were plenty of activities that I found through Facebook, the College’s website and University societies. I joined the AI society at the University and also attended global campus activities. I really recommended the global campus activities, the topics included cultures, the history of Sheffield and so on.

My career goal

My career goal is to work as a data scientist to contribute for the healthcare industry. I love both AI technologies and neuroscience. I hope that I could use AI technologies to help solve human diseases.

An international student’s advice

Believe in yourself and keep yourself going on.

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