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Max from China: My experience at the International College

Posted 18 February 2021
Max, a progressed University of Sheffield International College student.

As part of our series of blogs written by Progression Scholarship winners, we spoke with Max from China, who joined us at the International College in 2020. He studied the Pre-Masters in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities and has now progressed to MSc Information Systems at the University. Read his reflections on the past year below.

How did the University of Sheffield International College prepare you for your future studies?

At the College, I used the Pre-Masters programme to familiarise myself with the teaching style of the UK, including the format of the class, exam, assignment, assessment and the study pace. I could also get familiar with the facilities of The University of Sheffield, such as the library and Blackboard system (the virtual learning environment). The content of the Pre-Masters programme appropriately matches the Masters course, this especially helps with academic writing. 

Another important part for me was that I could use this year to moderate the language challenge by improving my English skills.

Supportive staff at the International College

I would receive good feedback from my teachers. In addition, the staff would check my wellbeing regularly. Usually though, there is nothing to worry about living and studying in Sheffield.

Why study MSc Information Systems at The University of Sheffield?

It related to my work experience. Also, information systems have been used broadly across most industries over the past decade. In this area, the environment changes rapidly and there are a lot of emerging phenomena and issues which are waiting for research in.

Safety on campus

When I have a face-to-face lesson, I have to wear a face mask all the time I'm inside. A one way system is applied inside the building. In the lecture theatre or classroom, I can only sit in designated seats and at least two meters away from other students.

Sheffield life

Sheffield is quite an old city, meaning I could easily find what I need. People are very friendly. I haven’t encountered any problems with settling in.

Max’s future

I hope I can finish my Masters course with a good grade, and then find a job in a leading company in the information industry. If possible, I am enthusiastic about taking a PhD course.

Advice from an international student

Choose a subject you really interested in, but do not worry, at the College, you still have a chance to change your progression degree, just make sure you know what you want before making any change.

Also, time management is very important for both Pre-Masters and Masters students, do not wait for the deadline.

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