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Celebrating Ramadan whilst studying: Mahnaz's story

Posted 23 April 2021

Mahnaz from Bangladesh is studying the International Foundation Year in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities.

I live in a country where majority of the population are muslims, so back when I was in school, I have always got full month breaks during Ramadan. When I learned that I would have classes, I was quite nervous because this is something I’ve never done before. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

The International College community

All of my friends were really sweet and supportive; they wished me well, and were even curious about my rituals! The most difficultly I’ve been facing is with the class timings; I have two classes during the week at the time of Iftar (the time when the sun sets and we break our fast), so during that time, I join with my phone and listen to the lectures while eating. My teachers have been very understanding and allow me to keep my microphone on mute.

My tip for other students studying during Ramadan

A helpful tip I have for other students studying while fasting: have a cup of tea (or coffee) after Iftar and work at night. You’ll be able to pay more attention to your assignments that way!

Ramadan Mubarak

Overall, my experience studying at USIC during Ramadan hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I love how the community here is so inclusive, respectful, and supportive towards me and my religion. Not once have I never never felt judged or isolated. I hope that all those reading this feel the same way and to all those who are celebrating: Ramadan Mubarak!

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