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Blended learning whilst studying abroad

Posted 13 November 2020
A smiling student

Hi! This is Aubrey from Macao SAR – China – sometimes known as the east Las Vegas. Without further ado, let me introduce you to my study life here in the UK.

I’m currently studying at the University of Sheffield International College with a combination of online and face-to-face classes. I suppose you are more curious about my face-to-face classes, as the UK still has restrictions in place.

My face-to-face classes usually have around six people and there are plenty of spaces between students. Teachers and students are wearing face coverings and hand sanitiser is easily accessible on campus.

Making friends

At this time, it is hard to have a social life like before. The College has noticed this and even set up a group called The Buddy Scheme – which groups people with similar interests together. I’ve met good friends there, from all over the world. Conversations are done online so you can talk no matter where you are. It is an effortless opportunity for getting to know your peers!

I also genuinely advise you to be as active as you can during group discussions in lessons. I know it is hard, but as people say, “YOLO”. You have to leave your comfort zone and meet people. Don’t be shy, we can make it!

A day in my life

I once thought that maybe I would be bored without my usual social life. Well, I was wrong. Assignments and life are rushing towards me every day. Cleaning, studying, cooking and having lessons use up my entire day. However, if you still find yourself with lots of spare time, you could try learning an instrument (like beatbox, why not?) or a language on your own. It might be challenging, but I am sure it is worthy when you are improving yourself.

You are not alone

2020 has been tough for everyone. It is okay to feel lost, doubtful and insecure. Please remember you are not alone. This period is hard but I am sure we can get through it together. Wishing you the best, stay safe and be happy at the meanwhile. Peace.

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