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Arriving at the International College

Posted 04 August 2020
A student studying on a laptop in the kitchen

Nervous about arriving at the International College? Don’t be! We spoke to Yaroslav from Russia about his experiences arriving in Sheffield and how he quickly settled in to College life.

Moving to a new country is always tough. Even though I’ve been to the UK many times before, moving here to study was very scary as I was leaving parents and friends behind. I thought that it was going to be very difficult from the start, and that I would struggle to match the required level – but that was not the case!

Staff members at the International College were very supportive from the start. They walked us through all the processes at the College and arranged some useful activities such as city tours or welcome parties.

I think it was crucial that we were given some time to adapt to the new environment. For many of us it was the first experience of being on our own. We were starting to do household chores, managing our time and meeting new people. I can’t imagine how we could deal with such a pressure if studies started straightaway.

However, when teaching started, I quickly realised that all my fears were unreasonable. I couldn’t dream about better teachers. They were extra supportive and answered all questions. They gave so much help and support, it was just impossible to fail.

Not only are they good teachers but, more importantly, good people. They are always happy to talk about life, hobbies and make some jokes. I made some very strong connections with other students and also with the teachers. It’s always a pleasure to pass near the College and see familiar faces and smiles.

The International College is also very diverse. I was impressed by the number of nationalities represented in the College. It was absolutely amazing to meet new people from all over the world, share our experiences and exchange our cultural features such as recipes, tales and films.

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the activities team. They tried very hard to keep us entertained throughout the year. We had five-a-side football matches every week, as well as different tours and activities around the city such as iceskating, laser tag, bowling, wildlife parks – all sorts of activities.

The part I enjoyed the most were the trips to other cities. The tickets were very affordable, so that everyone could explore the country more. I visited York and Liverpool. Liverpool is one of my favourite cities now, I returned there just a few weeks after the tour, so I am very grateful for that experience.

All in all, the University of Sheffield International College is great place to study. It helps you to develop not only as a professional in your area but also as a person. I learnt so many different things while studying there. I don’t think I will ever forget this amazing place. Thank you!

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