International College
Student pathways to The University of Sheffield

Providing guidance as you study

We work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your studies at the College. Whether that's joining your chosen degree programme as planned, choosing a new degree that better suits your ambitions, or looking at alternatives if you don't quite achieve the grades you planned for; we're here to guide you along your journey. 

The programmes at the International College and the University are challenging and the entry requirements reflect this to ensure you will be comfortable handling the level of work required during your programme. 

When you successfully complete your International Foundation Year or Pre-Masters course with us and achieve the required grades, you can progress to the University. 

Academic support

Your progression to the University of Sheffield is a key priority to everybody working at the College. You’ll have the support of a dedicated team of 100 academics and support staff, all committed to providing you with the best chance of success. 

At every stage of your studies at the College, you’ll be in good hands.  We provide personalised support for all, and help you to reach the grades you need.

Academic and welfare support includes:

  • Academic guidance through regular personal development sessions
  • Pastoral care, safeguarding and guidance from our support staff
  • Advice and guidance from our progression team on receiving results
  • Inspirational visits, guest speakers and events with university faculties
  • Support studying an intensive curriculum, designed in collaboration with the University
  • Performance tracking throughout your programme to identify weaknesses and develop a plan if needed.
The University of Sheffield International College Centre Head

What our staff say...

"So much of what we do here at the college is focused on preparing students for studying at Sheffield. I'm really pleased to see so many of our students succeed and progress to the University."

Paul Cawley, College Director

Progression support team

Our progression support team is dedicated to helping you achieve your best results. They offer expert advice and guidance throughout your programme as well as on results day. Support includes:

  • Events so you can meet with university departments 
  • Connecting you to the University so you can learn more about your chosen degree and decide if it's right for you
  • Flexibility to change your progression degree during first term at the College if you change your mind
  • Option to choose a back-up degree choice if you are worried about meeting the grades. 

Changing progression degrees 

Haiqi (Lillith) from China talks about changing her progression degree after she arrived at the University of Sheffield International College:

What we need from you

  • Motivation to achieve your best – you will be surrounded by ambitious students just like you
  • Take advantage of the support we offer and ask for help if you need it
  • Understand the Student Agreement – this is a set of guidelines for staff and students to make sure you have all you need to progress.

What if I don't get the grades I need?

Should you need it, support is available if you don’t achieve the grades you need. There is often another chance to improve your grades and get accepted by the University. 

Talk to your academic adviser and progression support team for advice on:

  • retaking assessments
  • repeating modules
  • finding alternative degree programmes at the University through a dedicated Clearing event for International College students.

If you still haven't achieved what you need to progress, we can support you to apply to alternative universities through UCAS.

Contact the progression team with any queries or concerns about assessment results, to discuss your options.

Extraordinary student progression 

In 2018, 82% of students who completed their programme in 2018 received an unconditional offer to study at the University of Sheffield.

2018 progression highlights:

100% – Science and Engineering Pre-Masters
– Every student who completed our Science & Engineering Pre-Master's in 2017 and 2018 attained an unconditional offer to study at the University of Sheffield.

100% – Students from Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia

95% – Students from Malaysia

88% – Students from Hong Kong

85% – Students from China

Scholarships for top students

Every year, the University awards 18 top performing students at the International College a progression scholarship worth £1,000.

You could also apply for other scholarships:

  • International Merit Undergraduate Scholarship – worth 50% of annual undergraduate tuition fee
  • International Merit Postgraduate Scholarship - worth 50% of annual postgraduate tuition fee 

Merit Scholarship winner 

"Receiving the Middle East and North Africa Undergraduate Scholarship from the University inspires me to be and do my best." 
Samir Habaybeh
Studied International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering
Now studying MEng Civil Engineering

What our students say


Born in Colombia.

Made in Sheffield.

“The style of teaching is good. You really are supported by the teachers and they’re expecting you to ask them what you don’t understand.”

Federico, studying International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering