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Understand how people think and why they act. Consider the centuries-old questions of free will vs determinism and nature vs nurture. 

What is psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour. It explores conscious and unconscious thought and feeling. It includes many sub-fields such as human development, forensic psychology, educational psychology, and clinical psychology.

Psychology at the University of Sheffield

The Department of Psychology conducts world-leading research, driving innovation and changing lives. Teaching is delivered by inspiring academics and students have access to the latest learnings. 

Psychology degree options at the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers the following related degrees:

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BSc Psychology
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Degree preparation at the International College

The University of Sheffield International College offers specialist university preparation for international students. On our pathway programmes, you will study key subject modules to prepare you for your degree, while also building confidence in your English language and study skills. Whether you are aiming for undergraduate or postgraduate study, you will have the confidence to succeed once you progress to the University of Sheffield.

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Why study psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating subject which trains you in a number of transferrable skills. Benefits of studying psychology include:

Learning that there is no atypical mind and understanding the motives of others will allow you to be more compassionate and communicate better with others.

A psychology degree will give you the chance to conduct independent research, considering ethical implications, analysing the results, and presenting your findings in a constructive way. These written and verbal communication skills are essential in a number of jobs.

You will learn to make judgements from an objective standpoint, analysing facts to come to reasoned conclusions.

Psychology career prospects

When you graduate from the University of Sheffield, you will be able to choose from a range of challenging and rewarding careers.

Psychology careers include:

  • clinical psychologist
  • counselling psychologist
  • occupational psychologist
  • sport and exercise psychologist.

Related careers include:

  • life coach
  • mediator
  • psychotherapist.

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