Why do so many international students choose to study business?

Business student working

The home of business

The UK is a global hub for industries including finance, marketing, accountancy, trading, management consultancy and more. Its location in Europe, spanning the Asian and American time zones, puts it centre stage for business performance and many of the world’s multinationals have headquarters here. It’s an especially important centre for finance and the services sector globally, and for students that means fantastic opportunities for work experience, internships and their careers both during and post-study.

The home of entrepreneurship

For ambitious students looking to use their studies as a springboard to start their own companies, studying business in the UK holds a major advantage.

In schools across the country, including the University of Sheffield International College, there’s a growing emphasis on entrepreneurship too. Many business courses now include a range of entrepreneurship programmes and modules, with on-campus enterprise centres to help you bring your business dreams to life.

Speaking the business language

English is international business language, allowing companies from all sectors, in every corner of the globe, to communicate with each other and get the job done. Wherever you want your career to take you post-graduation, having superior English language skills will put you at a real advantage in the workplace. Study business in the UK and your English language skills will develop to the highest possible level, fast. You’ll be using business English on a daily basis, developing the vocabulary and communication skills you need for success in the modern, global business world.

Reputation for academic excellence

The UK is home to some of the world’s best and longest-established universities and business schools. According to the latest QS rankings, four of the top six universities in the world are based here. It’s a country with a tradition of academic excellence, where teaching standards are second to none. The qualifications you gain in the UK are recognised globally, allowing your career to progress overseas as well as within Britain itself.


There are more than 100 dedicated business schools available to those looking to study business in the UK. You’ll also find hundreds of business courses to choose from, in subject areas such as accounting, business administration, human resources, marketing and financial management. Whatever area of business you’re interested in, you’ll find a course to help you excel.

The UK learning style allows students to be creative and expressive, tailoring courses to suit them through a range of specialist modules studied alongside core subjects. The ability to pick and mix modules allows for more focused business learning and a more interesting and engaging learning experience. The result is a degree qualification that sets you and your career off to the best possible start, in the direction you choose.

Welcoming to international students

The UK is a truly multicultural place where it’s easy for students of all nationalities to feel at home. 18% of the UK student population is from overseas. This rich mix of cultures makes for a fascinating learning experience, helping you make links and networks that can enhance your career success on a global scale.

It also means that business schools and universities are highly experienced at helping international business students face the unique challenges that studying in a foreign country can bring. Specialist colleges like the University of Sheffield International College aim to make it as easy as possible for international students to succeed and thrive in the UK learning environment.