What it's like to study virtually from home

Student writing notes

Hello everyone! I am Xuanyue and I’m a student at the University of Sheffield International College. I am an International Foundation Year student on the Business, Social Sciences and Humanities programme – and I am studying online at home. Today I would like to share my online study experience, if you are interested about it, please read on…

How did you feel about studying online when you first heard it? Were you excited? Curious? Or confused? Maybe it was hard to image what virtual studying is like. Let
me tell you the truth and give you some tips about studying online.

My day studying virtually

My online studying life is very colourful and full. I check my student email and do the daily check-in every morning, which helps me get some useful information from the College.

Next, I always preview the class content and make notes. It is always interesting and challenging – but I will learn new knowledge and academic words by watching PowerPoints or videos, reading textbooks or articles, and using Quizlet. All the weekly material from our teachers is very diverse and nice. After finishing the preview, I always feel a sense of satisfaction!

I always leave some time for my hobbies as a prize for my hard work! Because of the time difference between China and the UK, I usually have online classes in the afternoon. The teacher usually give us a lot of time to have discussions with our group, and then share the group’s ideas with our classmate during the class. Group discussion is my favourite part, because my classmates always share some amazing ideas and help me understand the knowledge better.

After the class, it is the time for me to do some personal social activities. Before the end of my day, I also review my notes and try to recall what I studied that day.

How I organise my time

In order to mange my time well, I made a timetable and follow it. In addition, I make a daily task list every day, which reminds me about my tasks or assessments. It is very important to restrict my time that I spend on social media or games. If I have free time, I prefer to do my hobbies or join some good social activities.

How I stay connected with other students at the College

Our College always inform us of activities via student email – such as the English Conversation Club, Buddies Activities and Activities Leader and so on. I always choose to join some clubs that I am interested in. Taking part in these activities not only helps me enjoy my online studying life, but also helps me make more new friends!

How I'm being supported to succeed in my studies

It is so nice when I get support from my teachers at the College. When I’m faced with some academic problems and send email to my teachers, they always give me instructions and encouragement. When I’m faced with IT or system problems, I often send an email to the College, and they always reply and help me to solve problems quickly. They are so nice!

So welcome to the University of Sheffield International College – and welcome to our “online family”! It is virtual studying, but a real and warm experience! Wherever you are in the world, I hope all of you enjoy your online studying life!