What can you do with a Foundation Course in Business?

Students on campus socialising and studying

Essentially, foundation courses make the transition into the first year of a UK degree programme as smooth as possible for students from overseas.

Foundation courses are available in a range of areas, allowing you to tailor your learning to suit the type of degree you want to study for – and that’s where a foundation course in business comes in.

What can I do with a Foundation Course in Business?

Prepare for university

A foundation course helps international students prepare in many ways:

  • Qualifications – if you lack the right qualifications, or need to improve in just one or two areas in order to be accepted into a British business degree programme, a foundation course ensures that you acquire these skills in time for application.
  • Language skills – alongside core academic subjects, foundation courses also provide students with English language training. With a foundation course in business, you’ll be taught the kind of academic and business English that you’ll need to succeed on your degree course.
  • Settling in – heading over to the UK a year early for your foundation course gives you plenty of time to adjust to your new home – before the stresses of your degree begin. You’ll have time to make friends, get used to the university campus, the city you’re living in, the language and culture. As a result you’ll be far more confident and relaxed when your degree programme starts, allowing you to perform better in the classroom from day one.
  • A head start – you’ll gain a head start over students beginning their degree study straight from school. Because foundation courses are taught using university-style learning, you’ll have a whole year to adjust to the new learning methods – lectures, seminars, tutorials – that will be used throughout your undergraduate degree

Get focused

You’ll find a range of foundation courses available that give you a more specialised learning process, tailored to suit the degree you want to study. The University of Sheffield International College offers two foundation courses, one of which is an International Foundation Year in Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Choosing a focused foundation course like this ensures that your learning is relevant to the degree you wish to study. You’ll learn basic core modules, alongside a set of specialist modules that will help you gain a basic understanding of different areas of business. Getting to study business subjects in your pre-degree year gives you the experience and insight you need to recognise the areas of business that really interest you. This, in turn, helps you to decide which specialism you want to choose when it comes to picking a business degree course later.

Secure you a university place

When you successfully complete a foundation year and attain the necessary grades from the University of Sheffield International College, you’ll be guaranteed an offer of a place on an undergraduate business degree at the University of Sheffield. This helps you to plan better for your future, and feel secure after making the move to the UK to study.

It also gives you the reassurance that you’ll be able to stay on in the same study environment, at a familiar campus, with friends and tutors that you know well.

And you don’t have to be tied to business…

You can choose to change the focus of your foundation course as you study. For example, the University of Sheffield International College allows you to switch focus from Business & Management to Economics, Social Sciences, or Law & Society, all within the same foundation course. And if you complete your foundation course in business and decide that business isn’t for you, it’s ok. You’ll still find a range of other degrees open to you as a result of completing your course.