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WeiYuan from Taiwan: graduating in aerospace engineering

Posted 05 September 2019
WeiYuan from Taiwan on graduation day

WeiYuan from Taiwan always dreamed of becoming a pilot. He knew English preparation would be key for his future career, so studying in the UK was an obvious choice. He chose the University of Sheffield because the BSc Aerospace Engineering programme integrates private pilot training.

WeiYuan needed some help to reach his goal of studying at Sheffield, so he applied to University of Sheffield International College. He studied the International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering before progressing to an Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Sheffield. We caught up with WeiYuan on his graduation day to find out more about his experience of studying at university in the UK.

Pursuing a dream at Sheffield

Watch the video below to find out about WeiYuan’s experiences in Sheffield. He tells us about his journey to becoming a Sheffield local and the personal development he has been through during his time here. He also talks about his passion for aerospace engineering and how Sheffield is helping him towards his dream of becoming a pilot.

How did studying at the International College prepare you for university?

“I think the foundation year helped me the most in my academic research, because back in Taiwan we didn't learn how to do a research on individual topics. In the foundation year we learned how to do citation, how to do references, and how you should write and structure your report. I think this is really helpful when you first begin university.”

What are your hopes for the future?

“I'm passionate about aerospace. I did Aerospace Engineering, but I don't want my career pathway to be in engineering. I want to be a pilot. I chose the University of Sheffield because the aerospace programme is also integrated with private pilot training. I’ve already done five hours of real flying, and I also took the theoretical exam for a pilot licence. I think that it will be a great advantage for me when I apply for the cadet pilot programme back in Taiwan.

“I think studying in the UK is definitely a great advantage for me because, as a pilot, you have to use English daily. You have to be really fluent so there's no mistake in the radio communication. On every single mission you will be paired with a different captain, so it's really important for you to understand how to interact with different people.”

How have you changed during your time here?

“When I first came to Sheffield, I was very afraid of trying things.

“I have changed a lot. I think I have become more adventurous. I dare to try different things that I have never tried before, and I tried to learn as much as I could along the way. That's good progress.”

Have you enjoyed living in the UK?

“My family came to visit me when I was finishing my foundation year, and at the time I was still not very familiar with the city. Now I know the good places to eat and good coffee from around the city, so I can show them.”

“In the past four years while I have been in Sheffield, I have travelled to 25 different European countries, and I really enjoy it. The planes I can get from here to Europe are so much cheaper than when you fly from Taiwan. I try to make the most of it.”

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