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How does the Student Agreement improve your student experience?

Posted 13 April 2017
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Making sure you have an exceptional student experience at the International College is important to us. That is why we have created the Student Agreement.

What is the Student Agreement?

The University of Sheffield International College Student Agreement is a set of guiding principles for students and staff. It lays out what we expect from you while you are studying with us: in College, in your lessons, regarding your attendance, and outside of College. It also tells you what you can expect from the College and its staff in return.

Example principles include:

  • Speaking English at all times
  • Showing respect to your fellow students and staff
  • Completing all homework on time
  • Obeying UK laws.

Your Student Agreement

Your individual Student Agreement lays out your study plan and requirements for progression to The University of Sheffield.

What if I want to change my study plan?

During your first term, you will have one chance to request a change to your study plan. Your current pathway must allow for the change. It will need approval from the Head of Programme. The deadline for requesting a change to your study plan is 31 May 2016.

What if I do not meet the University’s entry requirements?

The International College can offer a range of alternatives. We will discuss these with you if your tutors feel that you are not on track and need a backup option. We will track your progress throughout your course.

What if I break the terms of my Student Agreement?

If you break the terms of your Student Agreement, and you have already received support from the College, the College will send you a Written Warning. If you receive a Written Warning, the College will also send it to your parents, agent and sponsor, if you have one.

View our Student Agreement and contact us if you have questions.

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