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Which course will prepare you for The University of Sheffield?

Posted 10 November 2015
Which University of Sheffield course?

The University of Sheffield International College offers a range of courses designed to help international students go on to further study at The University of Sheffield. Courses vary depending on the subject you want to study and the graduate level that you’re at.

  • International Foundation Year – a course for those intending to study on an undergraduate degree programme at the University of Sheffield
  • Pre-Masters – a course for those intending to study on a postgraduate taught Masters degree programme at The University of Sheffield

Both courses are available in two study pathways, to ensure that your teaching is fully relevant to the subject you wish to study later at the University. The two study pathways here are:

  • Science and Engineering
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences

Extra support

All of our courses are tailored to students who speak English as a second language, and they are taught in small classes. With fewer students, the more one-on-one time your tutors can give you, getting to know you as a person, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and tailoring your teaching to suit your needs.

How they help you prepare

Study skills 

All of our university preparation programmes are intensive two- or three-term courses that combine academic study with university study skills. You’ll learn in a university teaching environment and get quickly accustomed to the way teaching is delivered in UK universities. So when your degree course begins, you won’t just have the required level of academic subject knowledge, you’ll also have the right study skills it takes to excel in your chosen subject.

English language skills

All of our programmes also include intensive English language training. This ensures that, before it’s time to start your degree course, you possess the English language skills you need to study at university degree level. Studying here in the UK, speaking, writing and listening to English all around you every day is the quickest way for you to develop your English language skills, so you can feel fully confident in your communication skills when it’s time for your course to start.

Life on campus 

The International College is located on the campus of The University of Sheffield. Sharing some of the same teaching facilities and lab space, our International College courses allow you to get used to the campus layout, find your way around, get to know university staff, and generally get a feel for what university life is all about.

Life skills

Coming to study in a foreign country is a big step to take, especially if English is your second language. Students usually need to take some time to settle in when they get here – getting used to the language, cultural differences, the food, the way of life – and often the weather too. That’s why a year spent on a preparatory course at The University of Sheffield International College is a great first step on your path to degree success. It gives you a year to get used to everyday life in the UK – not just academic life. It gives you the opportunity to settle into Sheffield, to get to know the area, and to make friends, so you feel as comfortable and confident as possible before your degree studies begin.