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How to start your Foundation course in September

Posted 14 May 2015
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Decided that a foundation course with a September start is right for you? The University of Sheffield International College makes it easy to apply and get your educational career moving right away.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process of applying so that you can be ready to start your foundation course in September. Each educational institution will have its own application procedure, but this is the way it works at the University of Sheffield International College.

Agent or online?

You can apply to study on a foundation course with a September start date via two paths. You can either apply online yourself, or you can apply via an agent. Either way, the process is very straightforward and if you have any questions at all you can always get in touch with your agent or the University of Sheffield International College directly. You’ll find the International College’s contact details here, or you can use our enquiry form.

When to apply?

If you’re looking to enrol on a foundation course with a September start you want to ensure that you apply with plenty of time on your side. You can check the latest term start dates here to give you an idea of when you’ll need arrangement for booking flights, etc, should you be accepted to the College.


Step one: Getting started

If you’re applying via an agent, they will supply you with an application form to complete. If you’re applying online yourself, just head to the apply now page.

Step two: Completing the form

Now it’s up to you to complete the form in full. You’ll need to let us know:

  • Which foundation course with a September start you wish to be enrolled on
  • Whether you need English Language Preparation before the course
  • Your contact details, date of birth and passport details
  • Parent/guardian/emergency details
  • Whether or not you require StudyCare insurance or have any special needs
  • That you are able to pay for full tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses – you will need to enter the name of the person or organisation responsible for your financial support, as well as the address of your sponsor or fee payer
  • Details of your previous education and English level
  • Whether or not you require residential accommodation

If you’re completing your application online, help with every section is available by clicking on the ‘Help with this Section’ button at the bottom of each page. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, additional help is available by getting in touch with the College directly too.

Step three: Put your name to it

If you’re applying via an agent then you’ll have to sign your form now. If you’re applying online, it’s simply a matter of checking the confirmation box to confirm that all of the details you have entered are correct.

Step four: Supporting documents

The International College will need to see proof of your identity, qualifications and ability to fund your course, accommodation and living expenses. These supporting documents can be scanned and sent electronically to the College by uploading them online, either by yourself or your agent, or they can be photocopied and physically posted by mail.

Step five: Send it

If you’re applying via an agent they made sent a physical copy of your application and supporting documents to the College, or they may email these details instead. If you’re applying online, all you need to do to ensure the college receives your application is to save the form after uploading your supporting documents.

Step six: Wait for a reply

Once the University of Sheffield International College has received your application for a foundation course with a September start they will review your application. Then you just need to wait to find out if you have an offer to join the College. They’ll let you know as soon as they can!