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Posted 21 July 2015
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When you’re choosing where to study abroad you have lots of things to consider. Teaching standards, courses available, language requirements, visa requirements, fees, availability and cost of accommodation – and is it going to be an enjoyable place to stay?

The UK delivers on all of these fronts, and more. That’s why the UK is the second most popular study destination in the world for international students. Around 13% of international students choose the UK, while 16.5% choose the US, putting it in the top spot. More than 400,000 international students flock to British universities and colleges each year (UKCISA).

Why choose the UK?

  • Quality of education – UK learning institutions consistently rank among the best in the world. Four of the world’s top six universities are in the UK, and qualifications from British universities are internationally valued and recognised.
  • Language – learning English opens doors to a global career. Choose the UK to study abroad and you’ll be learning English from day one of your studies. There’s no better or faster way to strengthen your English language skills than to speak it every day.
  • Learning style – through studying in the UK you’ll benefit from shorter courses that can help you to save on tuition fees and study costs. The majority of undergraduate degree courses take three years to complete, and postgraduate courses can be from one year upwards. Degree programmes in the UK are also very flexible, allowing you to blend vocational and academic training.

Where in the UK?

When you’re studying abroad, things are made a lot easier when you find you’re moving into a welcoming university community that understands the unique needs and worries of international students. One of the most welcoming student cities in the UK is Sheffield; check out the University of Sheffield International College’s We Are International campaign to find out more.

Why choose Sheffield?


Cheaper rent – studying in Sheffield is affordable. Because accommodation is in short supply in London and the south, for some international students it can be prohibitively expensive to study there. You’ll find rents far cheaper in Sheffield, and you’ll find that you get far more spacious rental properties for your money too. It’s easier to find an affordable and spacious house with a garden to share here rather than having to share a cramped flat.

The cost of living – the cost of living in Sheffield is 25% less than in London. London prices are inflated, as wages are higher in the capital. So the price of items you buy every day, from food to transport, cinema tickets to a pint of beer are also inflated. It means you’ll have more expendable income for course materials, and having fun.

A city built for students

Student-friendly – Sheffield is a city built around its university. With the campus located in the very centre of town it not only makes it convenient to study here, it also means that the city centre caters directly to student needs. People are used to bustling groups of students. Lots of bars and venues are located close by, and lots of cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas in the city offer discounts for students too.

Convenient – with the campus located centrally, and Sheffield being a small city to navigate, it makes it easy to get where you need to go. It saves you time – there’s no need for long commutes to and from campus, and it saves you money on transport costs.

A great cultural life

Sheffield has a thriving music and arts scene. You’ll find a wealth of events, festivals and more to entertain you all year round, no matter what you’re passionate about. Just some of the city’s annual highlights include: Tramlines Music Festival, Sheffield Film Festival & International 5-day Doc/Fest, Indoor Athletics Championships, and the Off the Shelf Festival of Literature.

Easy travel around the UK

While you’re in the UK you’re bound to want to explore. Sheffield’s location in the centre of the country makes it an ideal base from which to discover the unique Great British Isles. With superb road, rail and air links it’s easy to get around the rest of the UK, as well as for visits home overseas.