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Advice for students arriving in January 2016

Posted 22 December 2015
Advice for students arriving at the University of Sheffield International College

The start of the new term is on 6 January 2016 - that’s less than a month away. To help you plan your exciting student journey to Sheffield, we have put together some useful tips.

Before you start packing

Arrange your accommodation 

If you haven’t already done so, please complete, sign and return your tenancy agreement to Once everything has been processed, you will receive confirmation and details of your new room. You can find out more on our accommodation page.

Book your flights

Once you’ve got your visa it's time to book your flights to the UK. The closest airport to the International College is Manchester Airport where we offer a free airport transfer service.

Complete the online Pre-Arrival form

We will send you a link to an online form that you need to complete fully – it will ask your flight arrival and visa details.

Make document copies and take photos

Please scan or photocopy all of your original documents and take four passport-sized photos. You will need to bring paper copies with you as you may need to show them at the UK border.

Register for health services

Before you leave your home country it is important that you register for the University Health Service so that you can receive medical treatment if you become ill.

Revise before you arrive

The International Foundation Year and Pre-Masters are both intensive courses covering a broad range of topics. To ensure your marks are as high as possible, we suggest that you make time to study in English before you arrive.

TOP TIP: Visit the Big Sheffield Welcome website to download our Pre-arrival guide which has all of the information you need about what to pack and your first week in the UK.

What you need to pack

You’ll be able to buy most things you need to live comfortably in one of the shops nearby.

The International College has an informal dress code and friendly atmosphere, so you can bring your comfortable clothes, such as trainers, jeans and t-shirts. It's also worth packing a coat for the winter months.

Most of your personal items, such as clothes, books, travel adaptors and laptops can be packed away in your suitcase, but don't forget to leave the essentials for your hand luggage!

Things to pack in your hand luggage

  • Passport
  • Visa/Home Office letter
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Study letter (CAS)
  • Offer letter
  • Accommodation documents (including your signed tenancy agreement)
  • Academic qualification certificate
  • Sponsor letter (if you are being sponsored)
  • Four passport-sized photographs
  • Essential toiletries
  • If you are under the age of 18, a copy of your UK Guardian details 
  • A copy of your Arrivals/ Transfer Confirmation letter 
  • Up to £150 (British Pounds Sterling) in cash. Please do not bring £50 notes.
TOP TIP: Check with your airline which items (specifically food and liquids) you can bring on the flight with you and the maximum hand luggage size allowed.

Get to know your new home

You can start making friends before you arrive by getting involved with our student community on Facebook. We've also listed some websites to help you discover your new home from home.

Your first day

Induction week is between 6 - 8 January 2016 and you must register at the College by the 8th January 2016.  When you confirm your arrival details you will receive confirmation of your registration date and time. Don't forget to set your morning alarm as you'll need plenty of time to get ready. 

You'll need to go to the International College, which is located in the Velocity Building, on Solly Street – you can download a campus map to help you find it.

Things to bring with you on your first day:

  • Passport 
  • UKVI Decision Letter 
  • Sponsor letter (if you are being sponsored) 
  • If you are under the age of 18, a copy of your UK Guardian’s details

First day nerves? 

Many students feel a little nervous on the first day – don't worry, this is perfectly natural. Other students at the International College will be feeling the same, so talking to them will help you feel more confident and you will soon make new friends. Our staff at the International College will also be there to support you every step of the way.


Your first week

During your first week you will have a complete introduction to the UK, the University and the International College. This is often called ‘induction’ or an ‘induction programme’. As part of induction you will receive information about your course, such as timetables and academic information, and meet your friendly tutors.

Throughout the week you'll also have the opportunity to get involved with a whole range of fun, planned activities for new students. Log in to Study Direct to find out what we've got planned for you.

During your Induction programme, you will learn about: 

  • Obtaining your Biometric Residence Permit 
  • Opening a bank account 
  • UK laws and culture 
  • Registering with the health service and the police (if necessary) 
  • Registering with the University and receiving your student card 
  • Getting set up and logged on to the University internet network 
  • Getting information about the University sports facilities and gym memberships 
  • The programme that you have registered for and progression to the University 
  • Assessments designed to determine your initial academic level 
  • The rules and regulations of the International College and the University
We wish you the best of luck in your studies, we know you'll have an amazing time in Sheffield!