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Did you know that Sheffield has some of the lowest costs of living in the UK?

Sheffield is ‭the fourth largest city in the UK and enjoys lower prices when it comes to accommodation, ‭food and general day-to-day expenses.

In fact, it costs an average of £3,700 less per year ‭to live in Sheffield as a student than it does in London. Not only will you experience the excellent student life of Sheffield, you'll be getting all of it cheaper. Additionally, London is only a train journey ‭away, so if you want to visit the capital and its famous landmarks, it's easy to get there for a day trip.

Common expenses

  • Regular coffee: £2
  • Classic burger in a pub: £7
  • Tram journey within city centre: £1 (students must present their uCard for this rate)
  • Tram day ticket: £3.70
  • Cinema ticket: £7.60 (including student discount)

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