International College
Student pathways to The University of Sheffield

Fees 2018/2019


Programme Subject pathway Number of terms 2018/19 Fee
International Foundation Year Business, Social Sciences and Humanities
3 £16,710
Science and Engineering 2 £16,370
3 £17,620
Pre-Masters Business, Social Sciences and Humanities 2 £15,530
3 £17,768
Science and Engineering
2 £16,100
3 £18,293
English language courses English Language Preparation
1 £4,306 (per term)
English for Pre-Masters
1 £4,306 (per term)

Accommodation Fees

For accommodation costs, please contact the Accommodation team.


Guardianship Fee*  £66 per month, plus a refundable £100 fee to cover emergency costs (e.g. replacement passport).
Police registration £34

*The guardianship fee applies to students who are under the age of 18 at the start of their course. Students will be provided with a UK guardian who will support the student during their time in the UK until he/she turns 18. More information will be provided after you apply.

When are your fees due?

Confirmation Payments

Once you have received an offer of a place at the International Study Centre, to secure your place you will need to return a signed acceptance form and a confirmation payment. The confirmation payment consists of:

  • £200 Enrolment Fee (non-refundable)
  • £1,000 Deposit
  • Insurance payment for Study Care if applicable

On receipt of your signed acceptance form and the confirmation payment, we will send you your confirmation pack and your Student Statement document. Prior to enrolment, and before you apply for your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (‘CAS’), you will also need to pay £6,000 in advance tuition fees. Once the CAS has been issued, and before arrival at the Centre, you will be required to pay the balance of the first two term’s fees along with the accommodation fees (if applicable) as set out on your individualised payment plan on your offer letter.

After arriving at the Centre, fees are payable to us in advance at the start of the term before the term to which they relate (for example, the fees for term 3 will be payable at the beginning of term 2).


Option  Details Fee 
StudyCare 12 months cover £8.00 per week (to cover duration of course)
Manchester airport transfer Coach transfer (single journey)
Free tranfers available - read more
FREE/ £10.60
Taxi (single journey) £90
Train (single journey)


2018/19 tuition fees are valid from 5 January 2018 for students who apply after this date, and are in £ sterling.

2019/20 tuition fees are valid from 7 January 2019 for students who apply after this date, and are in £ sterling. View the 2019/20 tuition fees.


We strongly recommend that all international students have the protection of appropriate accident and medical insurance for the duration of their time in the UK. The consequences of being uninsured can be extremely difficult and expensive.

Students may either take out our own StudyCare Insurance Plus policy or alternative cover with a third party. The StudyCare Insurance Plus policy covers loss of personal possessions as well as providing health and medical insurance. Please let your admissions advisor know if you wish to purchase our StudyCare Insurance Plus. The insurance covers you until the end of your course.

Learn more about StudyCare Insurance Plus.