International College
Student pathways to The University of Sheffield

Providing guidance as you study

We work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your studies at the College. Whether that's joining your chosen degree programme as planned, choosing a new degree that better suits your ambitions, or looking at alternatives if you don't quite achieve the grades you planned for; we're here to guide you along your journey. 

The programmes at the International College and the University are challenging and the entry requirements reflect this to ensure you will be comfortable handling the level of work required during your programme. 

When you successfully complete your International Foundation Year or Pre-Masters course with us and achieve the required grades, you can progress to the University. 

Your team

Your progression to the University of Sheffield is a key priority to everybody working at the College. You’ll have the support of a dedicated team of 100 academics and support staff, all committed to providing you with the best chance of success. 

At every stage of your studies at the College, you’ll be in good hands.  We provide personalised support for all, and help you to reach the grades you need.

This includes:

  • Academic guidance through regular personal development sessions
  • Pastoral care, safeguarding and guidance from our support staff
  • Advice and guidance from our progression team on receiving results
  • Inspirational visits, guest speakers and events with university faculties.

We’ll track your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses early on so we can develop your plan.

The University of Sheffield International College Centre Head

What our staff say...

"So much of what we do here at the college is focused on preparing students for studying at Sheffield. I'm really pleased to see so many of our students succeed and progress to the University."

Paul Cawley, College Director

A unique service

The University of Sheffield International College offers unparalleled progression support and we take great pride in helping each of our students through their studies.

The new College opened in September 2015 with a new curriculum and we anticipate that the number of students that will progress to the University of Sheffield will be higher than ever this year.

There’s always another chance 

Should you need to, you have the opportunity to re-sit assessments or repeat modules where you haven't achieved the grades you need.

In the event of not achieving the grades needed for your degree programme, you will receive the best possible support and counselling from your academic adviser and from our dedicated progression support team within the College. We help students who do not get the grades they want to find alternative opportunities such as other degree programmes at the University, even assisting with UCAS applications to other universities if necessary. 

Contact the progression team with any queries or concerns about assessment results, to discuss your options.

Extraordinary progression results

In 2017, 613 International College students had offers for a degree programme at the University of Sheffield. 

Progression rate highlights

100% - pre-masters Science and Engineering

97% - all pre-masters

100% - students from Indonesia, Morocco and Singapore

93% - students from Hong Kong

91% - students from Malaysia

18 scholarships are awarded each year to our top performers. Our students can apply for sholarships offered by the University too.

Since 2018, 6 Merit Scholarships have been awarded to International College students by the University and 36 scholarships awarded to top performers.

What our students say


Born in Colombia.

Made in Sheffield.

“The style of teaching is good. You really are supported by the teachers and they’re expecting you to ask them what you don’t understand.”

Federico, studying International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering